About Us

David and Simon met in Clonakilty, County Cork, in 2012. With almost fifty years of experience between them, each had independently of the other established themselves as a respected professional in the art of food photography. Working together, they bring a unique combination of experience, creativity and talent to their business partnership and are quickly establishing themselves as one of the most respected food styling and photography partnerships in Ireland. With a limitless passion for good food, a love for atmospheric lighting and a meticulous attention to artistic and technical detail, David and Simon provide what is probably the best value in contemporary and classic food photography.

David and Simon are an amazing working partnership. David’s culinary creativity ensures that all the shots are stylish, beautifully set and mouth-wateringly fresh. Simon’s artistic flair, eye for design and composition, and his wizard-like mastery of the photographic process ensures that David’s creations are faithfully and accurately recorded. David and Simon use only state-of-the-art digital photographic equipment, ensuring that the artistic and technical quality of their photographs match the enormous creative and culinary investment of their clients. "David and Simon have great humour, tireless enthusiasm, superb people skills and the patience of saints - they are a joy to work with" (Dermot Calvin, Art Editor).


Our inspiration

Simon Hill

Simon is an accomplished documentary and travel photographer. As a member of GAMMA Photos, his editorial work has been internationally published in publications that include National Geographic, the Sunday Times and the Observer magazine. During his editorial commissions he discovered a passion for world food. He now devotes a considerable amount of his professional time to food photography in Ireland and the UK.

David Coleman

David takes creative inspiration from the most diverse sources: art, architecture, design, landscape and social culture. Whether he is trying new ideas in the kitchen or searching for the perfect set of props for a client’s food product photograph, David's goal is to present culinary creations in the most evocative and memorable style. He draws on wide ranging experience working with some of Europe’s best food photographers.


Coleman & Hill spent a day creating stunning photographs of my menu. They were tireless in their purtsuit of excellence, advising on how best to present my dishes for maximum visual effect. Their work has already greatly increased my exposure and brand awareness with both local and tourist markets.

Mark Kirby

Mio Restaurant, Clonakilty

David Coleman is clearly a master of his craft ... able to select and arrange the components of any dish to achieve the perfect presentation. Simon Hill is then able to bring his skills to the table with a mastery of light and composition. Coleman & Hill are a unique team that I can recommend without hesitation.

Siobhan O'Brien

The Dining Experience, Dublin

Coleman & Hill are the ultimate team for food photography. David's knowledge and respect for food enhances his natural aesthetic and skill for the art of food styling. Simon then builds on this with meticulous attention to the detail of food that allows him to capture the essence and beauty of every dish.


Randall's, Killarney